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A Brief Guide to LUCID7 MBpdflucidpdf
A Very Short History of ImaginationKieran Egan78 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Abstract Binary OppositionsKieran Egan68 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Affective Mental ImageryKieran Egan74 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
An Imaginative Education Approach to Grammar Instruction in the Elementary Context

Grammar’s tumultuous past affects the way institutions, teachers, and students view grammar and its role in writing and in the …

Kendra Wong5 MBpdfkendra-wongie-in-actionpdf
Artivism: Igniting Social Justice Through Visual Arts and Imagination

This action research inquiry was based around the central theme of developing critical thinking skills and social justice consciousness through …

Shannon Thiesen5 MBpdfshannon-thiesenie-in-actionpdf
Associations with the HeroicKieran Egan71 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Book of Lists2 MBpdfieepdf
Change of ContextKieran Egan87 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Cognitive Tools Cheatsheet87 KBpdfieepdf
Cognitive Tools That Come Along With LiteracyKieran Egan136 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Cognitive Tools That Come Along With Oral LanguageKieran Egan128 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Cognitive Tools That Come Along With Theoretic ThinkingKieran Egan135 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Collections and HobbiesKieran Egan66 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Education for Living within the Earth’s Carrying CapacityMark Fettes, Sean Blenkinsop31 KBpdfmark-fettes sean-blenkinsopknowledge-synthesispdf
Elemental Superpowers: A Cognitive Tool Approach to Teaching Science in the Intermediate Classroom

Our learning and how we make meaning of the world around us needs to be engaged through our emotions and …

Cherie Tan10 MBpdfcherie-tanie-in-actionpdf
Experiencing the Joy of Learning Through Learning in DepthTerri Zolob847 KBpdfterri-zoloblearning-in-depthpdf
Extremes of Experience and Limits of RealityKieran Egan89 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Fantasy and Reality in Children’s StoriesKieran Egan154 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
FAQ111 KBpdfieepdf
Filling Nature’s Bucket One Small Act at a Time: An Imaginative Education Approach to Connecting, Relating, and Appreciating our Place

This Action Research focused on using an Imaginative Education (IE) approach to foster opportunities for Kindergarten students aged 5-6 to …

Jenna McArthur8 MBpdfjenna-mcarthurie-in-actionpdf
General Ideas and AnomaliesKieran Egan85 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Getting it Wrong from the BeginningKieran Egan147 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Have Overheads: Will TravelKieran Egan388 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Humanization of MeaningKieran Egan66 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Imaginative Education Engages Aboriginal Learners in Prince RupertGeorge Pearson499 KBpdfgeorge-pearsonlucidpdf
Imaginative Inquiry: A Cognitive Tools Approach to Inquiry-Based Learning

This action research was conducted to examine how the use of cognitive tools and types of understanding of the theory …

Dawn Perdue7 MBpdfdawn-perdueie-in-actionpdf
Investigating Dramatic Activity as a Cognitive Tool in a Grade 6/7 Classroom

My inquiry focuses around how I can most effectively mediate drama and role-play activities so that these are enjoyable and …

Helen Chambers6 MBpdfhelen-chambersie-in-actionpdf
Joking and HumourKieran Egan64 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Just Write One More Sentence! A Cognitive Tools Approach to Teaching Literacy in the Primary Classroom

This action research project explores a cognitive tools approach to teaching literacy, specifically, the skill of writing in the primary …

Judith Ameresekere4 MBpdfjudith-ameresekereie-in-actionpdf
Learning in Depth – A Hilarious, Wonderful IdeaEmily White100 KBpdfemily-whitelearning-in-depthpdf
Learning In Depth: Students as ExpertsKieran Egan, Krystina Madej844 KBpdfkieran-egan krystina-madejlearning-in-depthpdf
Letting Our Presuppositions Think For UsKieran Egan141 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
LiD Implementation Support Guide for Maximizing SuccessGillian Judson1 MBpdfgillian-judsonlearning-in-depthpdf
LiD Topics, 76 KBpdfiee learning-in-depthpdf
LiD Worksheets, 439 KBpdfiee learning-in-depthpdf
Living within the Earth’s Carrying Capacity: Towards an Education for Eco-Social-Cultural ChangeMark Fettes, Sean Blenkinsop835 KBpdfmark-fettes sean-blenkinsopknowledge-synthesispdf
Lost in Translation? Rethinking First Nation Education via LUCID Insights

This paper reports on findings from the Learning for Understanding through Culturally-Inclusive Imaginative Development project (LUCID). LUCID has been a …

Thomas William Nielsen563 KBpdfthomas-william-nielsenlucidpdf
Loving the Teeny Tiny Forest: Deepening Connection to Land and Place for Mythic Learners in the Interest of Cultivating Ecological Care

Research suggests that positive experiences with nature in childhood may lead to the development of ecological care. As a result, …

Rosetta Redford6 MBpdfrosetta-redfordie-in-actionpdf
LUCID Research Partnership ReportMark Fettes210 KBpdfmark-fetteslucidpdf
LUCID Teaching Stances33 MBpdflucidpdf
LUCID Toolkit376 KBpdflucidpdf
LUCID Workshop822 KBpdflucidpdf
Math, Dance and Play: An Imaginative Education Approach to Meaningful Integration of Mathematics and Dance

According to Barton (2008) reduced success in mathematics impacts a student’s self-esteem, their future opportunities and exacerbates class divisions based …

Katalin Toreky Paziuk3 MBpdfkatalin-toreky-paziukie-in-actionpdf
Meta-narrativesKieran Egan81 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
MetaphorKieran Egan68 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Mythic Circular Planning Framework (Guide)Tannis Calder66 KBpdftannis-calderplanning-frameworkspdf
Mythic Circular Planning Framework (Outline)Tannis Calder50 KBpdftannis-calderplanning-frameworkspdf
Mythic IEE Brainstorming Chart63 KBpdfieepdf
Mythic Parallel Planning Framework (Blank)Anne Chodakowski, Mark Fettes35 KBpdfanne-chodakowski mark-fettesplanning-frameworkspdf
Mythic Parallel Planning Framework (Guide)Anne Chodakowski, Mark Fettes45 KBpdfanne-chodakowski mark-fettesplanning-frameworkspdf
Mythic Planning Framework (Guide)Kieran Egan71 KBpdfkieran-eganplanning-frameworkspdf
Mythic Planning Framework (Outline)Kieran Egan66 KBpdfkieran-eganplanning-frameworkspdf
Narrative StructureKieran Egan86 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Narratizing and PersonalizingKieran Egan84 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Not a Stick: The Impact of Natural Elements and Outdoor Play on Writing Engagement

Using observations of lessons and activities conducted in a Kindergarten/Grade 1 classroom, this inquiry-based action research paper looks at the …

Kim Rempel21 MBpdfkim-rempelie-in-actionpdf
One Walk at a Time: An Imaginative Education Approach to Outdoor Learning

This qualitative action research project follows four public elementary school teachers wanting to provide more meaningful outdoor learning experiences for …

Megan Sandham22 MBpdfmegan-sandhamie-in-actionpdf
Philosophic Parallel Planning Framework (Blank)Anne Chodakowski, Mark Fettes24 KBpdfanne-chodakowski mark-fettesplanning-frameworkspdf
Philosophic Parallel Planning Framework (Guide)Anne Chodakowski, Mark Fettes31 KBpdfanne-chodakowski mark-fettesplanning-frameworkspdf
Philosophic Planning Framework (Guide)Kieran Egan86 KBpdfkieran-eganplanning-frameworkspdf
Puzzles and a Sense of MysteryKieran Egan74 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Re-Engaging with Nature as Evidenced by Nature Journaling

Children are spending less and less time engaging with the natural world and instead are occupied with screens and indoor …

Laura Farley11 MBpdflaura-farleyie-in-actionpdf
Revolt and IdealismKieran Egan69 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Rhyme, Rhythm and PatternKieran Egan60 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Robinson LiD Secondary Support Handouts336 KBpdflearning-in-depthpdf
Romantic Circular Planning Framework (Guide)Tannis Calder89 KBpdftannis-calderplanning-frameworkspdf
Romantic Circular Planning Framework (Outline)Tannis Calder59 KBpdftannis-calderplanning-frameworkspdf
Romantic IEE Brainstorming Chart75 KBpdfieepdf
Romantic Parallel Planning Framework (Guide)Anne Chodakowski, Mark Fettes38 KBpdfanne-chodakowski mark-fettesplanning-frameworkspdf
Romantic Parallel Planning Framework (Outline)Anne Chodakowski, Mark Fettes35 KBpdfanne-chodakowski mark-fettesplanning-frameworkspdf
Romantic Planning Framework (Guide)Kieran Egan67 KBpdfkieran-eganplanning-frameworkspdf
Search for Authority and TruthKieran Egan59 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Sense of Abstract RealityKieran Egan65 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Sense of AgencyKieran Egan63 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Sense of WonderKieran Egan77 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Some Binary Opposites52 KBpdfplanning-frameworkspdf
Some Cognitive Tools of LiteracyKieran Egan74 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Some Heroic Qualities56 KBpdfplanning-frameworkspdf
Some Thoughts on Cognitive ToolsKieran Egan56 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Story/Story FormKieran Egan70 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
Suitable LiD Topics90 KBpdflearning-in-depthpdf
Supplement to Teaching as StorytellingKieran Egan169 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
Teaching Tips – General64 KBpdfieepdf
Teaching Tips – Primary58 KBpdfieepdf
Teaching Tips – Secondary55 KBpdfieepdf
The Abundance of Learning in DepthRyan Hughes123 KBpdfryan-hugheslearning-in-depthpdf
The Analytic and the Arbitrary in Educational ResearchKieran Egan143 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
The Cognitive Tools of Children’s ImaginationKieran Egan69 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
The Literate EyeKieran Egan55 KBpdfkieran-egancognitive-toolspdf
The Novice (Selected Chapters)Kieran Egan182 KBpdfkieran-eganiepdf
The Role of Teacher in LiDLinda Holmes173 KBpdflinda-holmeslearning-in-depthpdf
Walking Forward: Learning From PlaceGillian Judson, Heidi Wood35 MBpdfgillian-judson heidi-woodiepdf
Where do I fit?: Using the Learning in Depth Program as a Tool for Inclusivity for all Learners in the Classroom

This qualitative Action Research project uses the Imaginative Education lens, particularly the cognitive tools, to examine how the Learning in …

Andrea Alberti13 MBpdfandrea-albertiie-in-actionpdf